Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Blog Post!

This blog post is going to be an introduction of what I plan to do with my new blog! I am very excited to get going on this and hopefully I can find time to post here often. I am definitely not used to this at all, so cut me some slack while I learn how to use this. The reason I decided to create a blog was so that you can all have a closer look at my life and certain products that I have been loving. Also, so many other gurus had one, so I couldn't help myself! My goal for the blog is to post every week on new things that I have bought and things I have been doing lately. If I have a reason for not posting videos or something, I will keep everyone updated on here. It is much easier to type up a blog post than to film, edit, publish and upload which can take up to 3 hours! So stay tuned for new posts and if you have any suggestions for things I am missing on my blog, please let me know!